At Mattcole Electroplating our speciallists handcraft valuables with meticulous detail using the finest and purest gold available.

Some items we do:  Jewelry, enhance watches, earings, pendants, buckles, bracelets and more.                                                                        Sporting good, golf clubs, guns, knives, scuba gear, work tools. Home Interior, faucets,handles, door knobs, lighting fixtures, flatwear, picture frames. Electronics, musical. Marine Hardware, reels, cleats, rope guides, trim work, lights and last but not lest Automotive, badges, grills, gauges, trim, motorcycle customizing.

Gold can be deposited on engine parts, valve covers, exhaust systems and other high temperature application


Mattcole Electroplating can also do metal prep, electrocleaning, and stripping on metals for painting powder coating and other finishes. Call or email for inquiries, quotes or just a chat.                                                   


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